What Comes After the Smartphone?


It’s time to talk about what a post-smartphone era will look like.

By: Don Shin, Founder & President

One of our jobs as technology consultants is to be on the lookout for new and potentially disruptive technologies for our clients and partners. In particular, we’re constantly on the lookout for what we would like to call the next “iPhone Scenario”: the tipping point where a technology explodes across work and life – and companies cannot afford to ignore the impact of those technologies on their respective industries. When the iPhone was introduced, the world already had Windows Phones and Palm Treos – but the iPhone marked the start of the smartphone revolution and the rich iOS and Android ecosystems that emerged in its wake.

We’ve been following a particular technology for quite some time, and believe that it is on the cusp of a breakout not unlike the way the smartphone revolution changed our relationship with technology. As a result, CrossComm has been quietly ramping up our capabilities in this maturing field- and believe that its now time to start educating our clients about the possibilities.

Do you want to know what it is?

Its Mixed Reality– and in the short-term, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Don wearing A/R device
Don with Meta 2 AR headset

Mixed Reality is the seamless integration of 3D computer-generated imagery with what we visually perceive as the world around us; I’m not talking about the smartphone-enabled augmented reality experiences of yesteryear – or even about the latest virtual reality experiences of today (though these technologies are serving as a foundation for what is to come). Imagine seeing holograms of photos on your physical wall that change every day; holographic computer screens floating above your desk that you can move around with your hands, like in Minority Report; holographs of your remote co-workers during meetings; your personal health vital signs on a private holographic pane when you glance on your bare wrist. In the next 3 years, the advances in Virtual and Augmented Reality will make Mixed Reality increasingly accessible to the general public – and lead to a transformation of the way we work, play, and relate to each other. In short, its another “iPhone Scenario”.

To find out more on why CrossComm has been diving into VR, AR, and Mixed Reality (and why you should too), I’d like to invite you to sign-up for a complimentary 1-hour workshop (slots starting in July) where we can explore how VR and AR might affect your business – and how you can leverage the opportunities the technologies bring. If your need is urgent, contact us directly and we’ll try to accommodate for you.

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Additional blog posts will be published here on our VR/AR/MR outlook but in the meantime we are continuing to serve our clients on developing custom iOS, Android and web apps.

CrossComm has proven over the past 18 years to be capable in guiding client partners successfully from ideation to implementation – across a variety of platforms such as web, mobile, and now VR/AR/MR as well. We look forward to guiding our clients into a post-smartphone era. Let’s build something great together.

Don Shin

Author: Don Shin

Founder & President of CrossComm

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  1. I spend a considerable portion of my work day focused on system-wide technology improvements and customer service in the delivery of government functions. This is the kind of thinking that must populate my work day conversations–what is coming next! A timely blog. Thanks for investing CrossComm’s time and energy into the next generation of tech.

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